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About Me

Cyber Intelligence and Information Assurance professional in Computer Network Operations (CNO) at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels with management skills in joint military and civilian work places. ICS/SCADA network analyst and Software developer who is dependable, organized and effective. Capable of utilizing global, all-source, and analytical information to support and defend enterprise networks.

I also enjoy painting, woodworking, FREEDOM, and a challenging problem like creating a program from scratch that can write a novel that the average person would never suspect was written by a computer.

I dislike bacon, dial up internet, and the Lars from Metallica.

Lars, if you ever read this, I don’t like you. If I could send a email to everyone in the world I would write about how amazing it would be to be able to touch the minds of every person alive and I would write about hope and love and ask for peace. I would also write PS. I really don’t like Lars from Metallica.

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