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September 3, 2017

I added a GUI and made some Progress

by Criss Davis

As you can see I started working on my GUI front end. I have not gotten around to learning the web front end side so its PYQT5 for now.  Some major hurtles That I got into, around, and then over this past two weeks or so was following up on my previous post. I ended up deleting a good portion of my code and then starting over. I refocused on serializing my data and then working up from there. There is also a plug in I am working on that ouputs my INI files to CSV.

Here you can see I implemented a unique ID called SUID which is unique to the scene file and to each scene. <UNIQUE FILE ID> S <SCENE NUMBER>

A unique scene_and_sequel group ID. <UNIQUE SCENE SEQUEL ID> S <GROUP NUMBER>

Also, each item in the pair is labeled as a scene or sequel.


The first and last pairs are removed from the working pairs. I am now going to start splitting them up and building out plots and subplots. You can also see the randomly generated emotional arc to be used later with the scene and sequels.



I added a bit of code really quick that splits up the working list into three parts of NON EQUAL values, because of course, any random number of working scenes may not be divisible by three.



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