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August 26, 2017

Turning Generated Scenes into a Novel Format for Plotting

by Criss Davis

Here is where I am at:

Step 1.

Novel word count is divided into three parts. Each part is then divided into Novel Scenes using a randomly generated lengths specific to average novel Beginning, Middle, and End lengths. Due to this “fuzzy” math you will end up with a longer length novel then required.

Image one shows the input WORDCOUNT being divided into three parts, then each part converted into Scenes.

Image two is an example output of what the Scenes INI output file looks like. The file name indicates there were 105 Scenes created with a total of 101700 words. The original input was 100,000. The extra 1700 words were created by the fuzzy math during Scene generation however as you will see in the next step some of it will be lost.



Clip from a Scene INI file.

Step 2.

Creating Scenes and Squeals. Here is a good site on what they are. Did you read it? good. They did a good job. The original Scenes are divided into pairs and if there is an extra Scene, well, there is no longer an extra Scene.  Scenes and Squeals feed off of each other.Capture.PNG

Step 3.

The beginning pair and the end pair are special. They introduce the overall conflict and conclude the overall conflict. They are removed from the next steps.


Step 4.

The three act structure again. Due to so much data being moved around the three acts are recreated again as PAIRS, NOT including the beginning or ending pairs.


Step 5.

Beginning to Plot. In each act, a random pair is selected for a secondary Plot, or the Sub-Plot. I may potentially move to a four act structure and even add in a randomized function for how many pairs per act are given to the sub-plot.  Something along the lines of per N-thousands of words, 1+X number of possible pairs per act for the Sub-plot.

Step 6.

The final product. This particular case is entirely for example of course. As you can see in the INI file above, there would have been 52 pairs in that example. That is just to many for me to make in visio.



This is where I am at right now. I am always open to suggestions and comments.


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