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August 20, 2017

Fuzzy Scene Generation and Choosing One of the Six Emotional Arcs

by Criss Davis

Today I worked on randomly generating one of the Six Emotional Arcs.  The class allows the user to specify one of course, but will generate one for you if you don’t supply it. This was simple to implement but I made sure to structure the code in a way that lets me go back and add weights to which Arc is selected and how future machine code will attach to it.


Now the fun part, the beginning of the Scene building process. I want to make sure that I can later import the files into Scrivener and Aeon Timeline 2, since I have both of those products. I will export and/or convert my INI files to CSV later on.

I scrounged around on the internet and I  came up with a starting formula for building the Scenes. The length of the fiction is divided into thirds, Beginning, Middle, and End. Each third of the fiction has two values High, and Low respectively. These are the minimum and maximum words in a scene in that third. The Middle and End sections of the fiction have smaller ranges than the beginning.


For each third, a scene is generated with a length of X until the third is full. There is also some fuzzy rounding going on in there to keep things different each iteration so I noticed that the scene word count is longer than the input word count. Here is a snip-it of a 10,000 word novel I generated. Each scene will eventually have all of the attributes in it such as its Characters, Location, Time, etc.


That’s all for now, have a good day.

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