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August 16, 2017

Let the Programming Begin!

by Criss Davis

The exciting time of putting code to PyDev has officially begun. I gathered a few of my existing books together and then after an exhaustive search online decided on a few more to round out what I would need to help me. While I have years of programming experience, this project is meant to expand my Software Engineering capabilities to the absolute limit. I intend to teach myself Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and also Django.


I have gotten some great advice from the very few people that I have talked to about this project. One of the big pieces of advice that I feel that I should mention is one that I did not even think about before. One of the large untapped areas of reference for computer generated fiction is the role playing community. There are an entire community of people who have created interesting projects for creating procedurally generated dungeons, text based adventure maps, room descriptions, etc. While not being EXACTLY what I am looking for, they are ONE_OFF.

There are also other projects [ or select portions of projects ] created in other programming languages that I want to replicate in python. An exhaustive list of those to come later.

Another interesting thing is that this blog has shown up on a search engine and has begun to get traffic. I find that interesting and flattering. I might actually spend some time making wordpress look a little better if more people are interested. If YOU volunteer to make it look better, hey that’s more programming time for me.

I intend to use as much original code, if not entirely original code for the project. That’s the goal. Learn.

Another thing I have done is reach other to some writers and people who help other people write. I spend quite a bit of time thinking about thinking but I will often find myself needing an outside opinion of a different point of view or perspective on a problem to solve it. A compelling and unique solution to a computer generating fiction that a human can consume is the secret to success.

I have a theory. We, humans, don’t simply WRITE a story from beginning to end. We also don’t write them from word to word, sentence to sentence, or paragraph to paragraph. I have done some intermediate research on machine learning and natural language processing and from what I understand that is a condensed and simplified way of describing how they work.

However, we, Humans write a story in stages. For example the snowflake method. From one sentence to an entire Novel. I believe that using lots and lots of iteration, data analysis, and theory, I can incorporate backwards and forwards recursion to BUILD the data UP.

That’s all for now, if you have any questions or comments please feel free to get involved.



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