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August 14, 2017

Curated Notes 

by Criss Davis

Procedural genererated polygonal planets. Procedural generated pologonal region terrain maps. Triangulated distances between primary objects, primary and secondary objects, tertersy and secondary objects, and so on. Distance from a ship around a planet is calculated by getting the distance to the planet, distance from the planet to the sun, distance from the sun to the next sun, the next sun to the next planet.

Novel backfill. Use a series of functions and objects to fill out an endpoint objective then after that work backwards in steps to reach that objective.  Work backwards at each step while building the novel backbone.

Pandas for data points? 

Start making scapy and beautifulsoup bots to get text novels and book descriptors, types of novels, character development traits, all sorts of things.

Pick a database backend.

Pick a web frontend.

Get a logo, just for the hell of it.

Establish the line between cowriter and author?


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